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Fleet Control

Telenoisis, helps your fleet controller with automatic routing, assigning tasks to the driver and supervising the execution of tasks.


Route Optimization

The optimal route optimization function automates the daily planning of the itinerary for each vehicle. The fleet manager can easily enter the addresses for the planned deliveries into the Telenoisis system, which automatically calculates the optimal route for each vehicle in order to perform the scheduled deliveries in the most efficient way.


This route is assigned electronically to the driver and appears as a route in the driver application which can be accessed via a smart device (tablet or mobile phone) located inside the vehicle.


After accepting the job, the complete route with voice navigation instructions to the delivery point is displayed in the driver application.

Assigning an Itinerary to the Driver

Upgrade your business, with automatic driver job assignment directly from your fleet management office through the Telenoisis app. The itinerary may consist of one or more tasks which are displayed on the smart device screen (tablet or mobile phone) located in the vehicle. For each route, the fleet management officer, can share job documents (e.g. invoice) which are stored in the driver application and printed upon delivery and completion of the task.


Through the application, the driver can inform the fleet control office about the start and completion time of each task.

Package Delivery

Task Management & Monitoring

Through the driver application the fleet control officer can assign to the driver the itinerary, tasks and can calculate automatically the duration of each task e.g. arrival / delivery time. At the same time, the fleet controller can send to the application a description of how to perform tasks, details and other clarifications.


During the execution of each task, the fleet control office can monitor in real time important events including:


  • Working time

  • Mileage of the vehicle from the delivery location

  • The actual time of arrival at the place of delivery

  • Highlight tasks that were performed with delay

  • Highlight tasks completed on time

  • How to perform the task by sending comments / remarks from the driver to the fleet management office

  • Signature confirmation upon delivery receipt

  • Digital copy of the invoice signed by the recipient

  • The work completion 

  • Analytics on the completion of assigned tasks 


Upon the completion of the work, the route closes.

Written Update from and to the Driver

The Telenoisis driver application, is a secure platform for communication between the fleet control office and the driver and vice versa via text messages. The fleet controller, can send the driver comments on how to perform each task. The driver can reply with a text message asking for more details or informing the traffic office about the completion of the job.

Holding Tablet Computer

Delivery Receipt with Signature on Tablet

The driver application has the ability to confirm the completion of the work with the recipient's signature on the smart mobile device that the driver brings with him.

This electronic signature is sent and displayed in real time at the fleet management office.

Sending a Signed Document

The driver application has the ability to send a copy of the signed document signed by the recipient to the fleet management office in real time.

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