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Navigate Telematics' certified Telenoisis system can help to increase your business productivity with the optimal planning, coordination and real-time management of your fleet.


It allows monitoring and optimization of the routes, providing full control of the location of the vehicles, route analytics, resulting in the increase of your fleet productivity, cost control and efficiency of your business.


Telenoisis, is a simple to use platform that allows the fleet controller to manage tasks and itineraries, easier than ever.


You can easily find and see the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet, check its condition and see if it is in motion or at a stopping point and the frequency and duration of each stop. Knowing the exact geographical location of the vehicle you can coordinate your tasks in real time and optimise your business services by sending the nearest vehicle to each job.


You know every moment:

  • The geographical location of each vehicle

  • Its route in real time

  • Deviations from the itinerary

  • The exact time of arrival of the vehicle at a location

  • The time of task completion and availability



  • Higher driver, vehicle and cargo safety

  • Maximize productivity and increase efficiency 

  • Elimination of unnecessary travelling

  • Fuel costs reduction

  • Insurance premium reduction

  • Immediate immobilization of a vehicle in case of theft

Google Maps

  • Google global coverage

  • Google Hybrid / Satellite / Terrain

  • Google Earth

  • Street View

  • Bing

  • Open Street


Google Street View maps provide:

  • 360 degree panoramic images.

  • Street-level image navigation

  • Automatic position renewal

  • Compatibility with Android, iPhone and iPad



Navigate Telematics' Telenoisis system allows you to set geographical labels on electronic maps showing your company vehicles, setting boundaries around vehicles or areas.


This way you can create on the map a virtual perimeter between two points with the possibility of notifying the fleet controller in case the vehicle moves outside the limits of the predetermined perimeter.


Points of Interest (POIs)

The electronic map visually depicts all the points of interest of the fleet management office. The addresses of your business customers can be displayed on the electronic map of Navigate Telematics' Telenoisis platform so that the fleet controller can better and more efficiently coordinate the daily workload and the planned trips. The fleet controller can manage the vehicles in real time and identify those that are for repair at the garage, those that are located at the  business premises and those on the move to execute the planned routes.


Real-time information for:

  • Time of arrival of a vehicle in S.E.

  • Duration of stay

  • Departure time

  • Chamber temperature at the time of delivery of the goods

Moving office update with:

  • Audible notification

  • SMS message

  • E-mail

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