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Aircraft and Helicopter Applications - Telenoisis Air


It is well known that a helicopter that flies low and when it is behind mountains can not be detected by radar. Why do you need it?

  • For greater security

  • To know where it is

Indication every 1-5 seconds for take-off time, exact route, altitude, speed and landing time.

With the new Telenoisis system you can have in real time all the travel details and also you can see from the data recording whenever you want, how many hours per month, week or day your aircraft was in the air, what routes it followed, speed, altitude and other information.

You can also schedule the next technical inspection, to have a complete picture for all users, routes, flight mode and flight duration (schools for rent, training, etc.)


A special application is the use of the wireless tracking device that can be used to record a flight of small planes, helicopters, and low-flying aircraft without direct connection to an engine, in full compliance with all aviation regulations.

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