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Insurance companies


Insurance companies are increasingly turning to the technology of identifying safe drivers by recording how they drive, better known as "telematics", and rewarding them with reduced insurance rates.

We will take a look at the operation of the system, the type of drivers that will benefit and which other countries use this technology.

It works by placing a small device in the car commonly known as a "black box" that records speed and distance traveled.

The technology can monitor abrupt braking, sharp acceleration, high speed, total mileage, etc. to create an image of how to drive.

Insurance companies then use this data to calculate the cost of insurance and adjust premiums accordingly.

Telematics in premiums, is largely addressed to younger drivers who can check (with their own unique code) through the website that the insurance company will have the monthly analysis of the technique they use while driving such as abrupt braking, abrupt accelerations , high speeds etc.

By showing this information, they become aware of the wrong and dangerous way of driving, as a result of which they adopt a safer method that will result in the greater safety of the drivers but also the lower price of the premiums.

But it's not just young drivers who could benefit.

He is also the careful driver who does not have many movements and thus does not cover many kilometers.



Insurance companies use the information they collect for:

  • car insurance risk assessment

  • calculation of the cost of renewal premiums

  • Extra mileage bonus each month for safe drivers

  • immediate assistance in the event of an accident

  • find the car if it is stolen

  • management and assessment of the situation after an accident

  • In the US, technology is constantly growing in popularity.


  • The United Kingdom and Italy are pioneers in providing premiums using telematics technology. Germany has a significant development in the application of telematics in the field of car insurance.

  • South African insurance companies offer incentives for Telematics insurance packages which include:

  • 10% discount for prepaid fuel purchase

  • 25% discount for fuel purchase & car parking at selected stations

  • 40% discount for point reward credit card holders

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