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Traffic Tracking Applications


We create specialized solutions for the races you organize so that the position of the vehicle is recorded and presented in real time to the public and the spectators who are watching. In this way the spectators watch the whole race, cars, boats, engines and not just the beginning and the end.

We provide you with solutions so that the route of the vehicles as it evolves in real time appears simultaneously on a screen, on a website or on Facebook, from where even more friends of the sport can watch.


  • Accurate recording of start and end time

  • Accurate route recording & immediate location

  • Accurate real-time track and speed recording

  • Stop indicator and duration

  • Play path for evaluation

  • Speed limit limit in special races

  • Accurate recording and evaluation of driving

  • Calculation of mileage of the route

  • Latitude / longitude & altitude

  • Geofences

  • Points of interest

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