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Transportation of Vulnerable
Products & Cold Cargo

The rapid advancement of technology is an innovation in the development of new systems for the transport of special cargoes aimed at the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the transport of certain chemicals.

The Telenoisis ColdChain solution is specifically designed for tasks that require strict monitoring to control the transport of cold chain products as well as the transport of pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies, allowing load quality control and immediate cost reduction in cases where the load is affected by sharp fluctuations in temperature.


The recorder and temperature sensors (certification EN 12830) are installed at the point where the measurement and control of temperature is required. The unit sends the indications to each automatic refresh (1 minute). The measuring range is from -30 ° C to +30 ° C.

The temperature recorder allows you to record, store and print all temperature measurements for each compartment of the chamber.


The program activates an alarm when the measured value is not within the predefined limits or remains outside the limits for a certain period of time.


For example a chamber can be divided into 4 different compartments. From your mobile phone or any computer you can check all temperatures (for each temperature there is a different indication) and receive notifications.


The logger can keep the temperature history for 2 years in printable form in 3 different ways, real-time data, alarm, messages, and logging information.


The logger can control and monitor through reports the temperature cycle of the transported goods and track the changes of the temperatures and the consequent failures of the cargo, ensuring an increase in productivity as well as the safety and the quality of the cargo.



  • Cold load transfer temperatures

  • The temperature for each compartment of the cold cargo compartment

  • Instantly receive information by e-mail, sms and audible alarm when the temperature is not within the desired limits

  • The condition and duration of operation of the refrigerator (open / closed)

  • The state of temperatures after opening the cargo door

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