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With the specialized Telenoisis E-Sealing system you can also ensure the safe transport and distribution of fuel by tankers, trains and ships .

Ensure the proper transport of dangerous goods such as:

  • Flammable Substances (Fuels, Solvents)

  • Flammable Gases under pressure (Liquid Gases, Medical Gases)

  • Oxidizing substances (bleach), Corrosive substances

  • Explosives (explosives, ammunition, nitrate fertilizers)

  • Toxic substances (pesticides)

  • Radioactive substances

  • Dangerous wastes


With the Telenoisis E-Sealing program, real-time control is performed for:

  • Manhole motion sensors

  • Foot valve motion sensors

  • Exhaust valve movement sensors

  • DRY / WET sensors

  • Indicate all traffic on Google Maps.

  • Real-time display of all required data (name of apartment or sensor, indication for opening / closing of apartments, duration of event, etc.) with color display, description, notification, sending notifications by e-mail or SMS.

  • Notification in case of sensor activation outside a specified point.

  • References: tank registration number, characteristic name, compartment number (A, B, C, D, E, etc.) sensor number per compartment (A1, A2, A3, B1, C1, D1, E1, etc.), destination (address, region, coordinates, point of interest, Geofence) route number, driver name, etc.


Marking on the map the actual location of the receipt and delivery of fuel allows you to be sure of the route made by the vehicle.

In addition, you can map your customers and suppliers as points of interest so that it is clear from which points the vehicle has passed, what time it was at each of the delivery points and how long it stayed there.


With the new Telenoisis system you can know at the touch of a button how each driver drives as well as the exact number of sharp braking and acceleration that took place and thus reduce accidents while promoting a more economical and safer driving.

Your drivers can be informed by a special screen that will be placed in the waiting room for the best and shortest route by following the already completed routes of their colleagues.


You can be aware of the integrity of the fuel transported. In case the vehicle stops at a certain position and someone opens one of the fuel plugs of the cargo, an alarm will be sent to you immediately with a notification for this movement, and the event will be recorded in the respective reports and in the alarm system.

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