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With the Telenoisis Transport solution you can now guarantee your customers the timely and safe transfer of their cargo.


You can also prevent or act in a timely manner in dangerous situations, both for the vehicle and for the cargo or driver, for example in cases of transport of hazardous materials or high value cargo. In case of danger the driver activates the panic button, immediately notifying the fleet manager, who has the ability to immobilize the vehicle from his computer. There are also automatic alarms for excessive stops, door opening in unforeseen areas or deviation from the predetermined route. In this way, you can safeguard cargo safety, which increases productivity by controlling costs and efficiency of services.


In the field of transport, the use of the Telenoisis Transport system offers you unique advantages and freeing your hands, through by minimizing travel time, thus increasing productivity while performing tasks and at the same time saving fuel and controlling expenses.




The analysis of the routes and their proper control, is equivalent to an efficient way of keeping a strict schedule and reducing the operating costs. Maintaining control of the fleet and its trips, the goods are delivered safely and intact.


Through various reports, it is possible to optimize the fleet itineraries, have instant control of the position of the vehicles in real time, monitor their speed, as well as create points of interest. The system is easy to operate and is designed for users with basic computer skills.


The system allows the reduction of costs, through the analysis of the many components of the fleet, such as the routes that have been carried out, the kilometers that have been traveled, the daily use, the misuse of vehicles by drivers and through the analysis of the behavior of vehicles, such as fuel consumption anomalies, average consumption and short-term actions.

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