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Navigate has developed a specialized solution designed especially for you who have a trailer and want to have better control, cost reduction, productivity and safety.

Fleet managers are concerned about the identity and location of their trailers, resulting in many problems with the planning and coordination of their work.


The Telenoisis Trailer solution is a system that allows fleet management in real time. Its main function is to optimize resources and effectively coordinate trailers in operation, allowing real-time monitoring of the trailer.

In real time but also in a special report, the administrator sees the correlation between vehicle and Trailer. The results are the reduction of the time for finding the identification, the reduction of the expenses from the telephone calls, the security but also the achievement of the correct result. It is an easy-to-operate system and is designed to be used by users who do not have much computer knowledge.


The Telenoisis Trailer solution is specifically designed for locating trailers, with many advantages, including the ability to locate the trailer in real time. Allows analysis of activity such as travel, mileage, hours of daily use and unjustified stops.

With the Telenoisis Trailer, you can also generate points of interest and notify the manager when the trailer passes through a reference point or reaches its destination.

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