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Solutions for School and School Coach


The goal is the safe and timely movement of students to and from schools.

The existence of constant communication between the school attendant and the parents enhances the capacity for pedagogically productive and safe transfer of students to and from schools.

The transfer by bus to and from the school is done from the stop that has been determined and which is selected from the predetermined schedule of the school itineraries.

Many schools require students to be at a standstill at least 10 minutes before school time is scheduled to pass.

With the New Telenoisis School system it is no longer required. Every student and parent can watch on their computer screen exactly where the school car is. Once he finds that the school is in the corner of his house he can leave his house to go to the car. The same can happen when the student arrives at his house.

The driver's voice communication with the school traffic manager can provide information for an emergency, for a change of route schedule.


  • Avoid inconveniences such as waiting in bad weather conditions (Cold, rain, snow), lost time for the student and parents, delays, frustrations, conflicts with the school for the untimely presence of the school, etc.

  • Control of safe driving of school vehicles by parents

  • Check the entire route to and from school in real time

  • Reduction of transfer time

  • More itineraries

  • Reduce fuel costs from unnecessary waiting

  • Security

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