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Vehicle Activity 

Navigate Telematics enables you through our state of the art fleet management system, Telenoisis, to know the distance traveled by each of your company vehicles or all your vehicles in a period of time of your choice.


Geographical Vehicle Location

Stay connected with your fleet and effortlessly monitor the daily activity of your vehicles. Alter the planned jobs and redesign the scheduled trips in real time e.g. due to last minute changes, emergencies, etc., and easily notify the driver through the Telenoisis system so that the new jobs get realocated to the nearest vehicles.


The fleet controller has direct visibility of the status of each vehicle, e.g. whether it is in motion, at a stop or idle and allows for the best and most efficient coordination of the fleet.


  • Maximize the productivity of your business

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve customer service

Route Information

Manage your vehicle activity from wherever you are with easy access via your computer or smart device IOS, Android (tablet or mobile phone).


Monitor in real time:

  • The location of each vehicle

  • Daily routes

  • Deviation from the itinerary

  • The time of arrival of the vehicle to destination

  • The time of the vehicle return to your premises


Reduce your business expenses by:

  • Optimising your jobs 

  • Eliminating unnecessary routes

  • Saving on fuel costs

  • Locating and immobilizing a vehicle in case of theft

  • Safeguarding your cargo

Parking Lot

Distance traveled

With the fleet management system, Telenoisis by Navigate Telematics, you can monitor the distance traveled by each of your vehicles or all your vehicles in a period of time of your choice. The distance traveled allows you to draw valuable conclusions about the fuel consumption of each vehicle and schedule its maintenance based on mileage.



  • Immediate improvement of delivery time with better distance calculation

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Cost reduction


The fleet manager, knowing the frequency and duration of the stops of each vehicle in real time or in a pre-defined period, can plan and coordinate future trips more thoroughly and efficiently.



  • Geographical location of stops in real time or iin a pre-defined period

  • Stopping time with the engine off or with the engine on (idle)

  • Waiting time at the point of interest (customer, supplier, etc.)

  • Frequency of stops


Route Playback

The re-play functionality of the daily route provides the fleet controller with the ability to better coordinate the vehicles.



  • Play vehicle path at a pre-selected time

  • Show stops

  • Display engine status

  • Speed ​​display

  • Load door status (open / closed)

  • Temperature status (for refrigerated trucks)

  • Refrigeration status (on / off)

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