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All Telenoisis applications are tailored to your needs with unlimited possibilities.

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Delivery Van

Reports & References

With the Telenoisis platform you gain access to specialized reports that meet the criteria and requirements of your business and are a valuable tool for improving your services and minimize your costs.


The hardware of the Telenoisis system consists of reliable telematics units (GPS units) and sensors that send through GPS technology to the Telenoisis software the selected data and events.


The temperature detection sensors measure the temperatures of the compartments of the refrigerated trucks and in case of deviation from the predetermined temperatures of optimal transport of goods, the traffic office is notified with an SMS, alarm and e-mail.


Door sensors detect the opening and closing of the load door.


The panic button is placed inside the driver's cab so that in case of danger the driver notifies the traffic office.

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Image by Lukas Blazek


The connection of the telematics unit (GPS) to the CanBus of the vehicle allows the traffic office to control in real time the functions of the vehicle as recorded by CanBus and to know:


  • The indications of the instruments of the vehicle and their condition

  • The liquid-coolant temperature indications of the vehicle

  • The tyre pressure readings

  • The weight on each axle

  • The engine temperature

  • The turns

Fleet Statistics

The system calculates in real time the statistics of the fleet of vehicles of your business and at a glance the traffic manager knows at all times the percentage of the fleet that is in motion, at standstill and out of order.



Navigate Telematics Telenoisis system has the ability to fully customize notifications. Whenever there are predefined events you can receive real-time notifications such as:


  • the unscheduled vehicle visit to a destination

  • exceeding the allowed total stay at a destination

  • exceeding the idle limit of the vehicle engine

  • unjustified activation of door sensors (door opening / closing)

  • exceeding the permitted time of the vehicle with the door open

Driver protection

In case of danger the driver is never alone, because the manager is automatically informed in case of emergency, collision or theft of the vehicle resulting in the best possible protection of the driver, vehicle and cargo.


Locating Points with Traffic Congestion

Navigate Telematics' Telenoisis system service displays the current traffic conditions and traffic in color.


The streets with increased traffic are shown in red and in green when the traffic is conducted smoothly and unhindered.

Finding Vehicles in a Selected Area

Through the vehicle search service in a selected area, the traffic office locates vehicles that have passed through a geographical point and the length of their stay in it.

Car Fuel

Speed Limit

The service informs the fleet controller in case of speeding and deviations from either the speed limit or the limit set by your company's policy.

Fuel Management


The automated refueling system allows the outflow of fuel only to authorized vehicles, without the need to staff the gas station with personnel to control and record refueling.


The system communicates via encrypted communication and allows fuel to flow only when the nozzle is inside the vehicle's supply port.


In case of removal of the pump nozzle from the tank orifice we have an automatic interruption of the fuel flow.


The simple presence of the nozzle near the tank does not allow fuel to flow!


Along with the control of the position of the nozzle, any restrictions concerning the vehicle or the fleet as a whole (in limits of liters or values, in fuel type, in average consumption, etc.) are also checked.


Record the following fuel delivery data on a PC running Windows 7 or later:

  • date & time

  • pump & nozzle that made the delivery

  • Delivery quantity (in liters, indicating at least 2 decimal places)

  • fuel type

  • pump operator (driver) ID

  • vehicle registration number

  • vehicle / machine odometer or timer



The vehicle identification equipment on the pump nozzles offers reading of the vehicle / machine identification while reading the electronic odometer or engine operating hours (depending on the vehicle equipment).


The wireless data collection equipment is the communication gateway between the pump nozzles and the pump controller PC. Through this equipment the data of all the nozzles are transferred to the PC, for the control of the identity of the vehicles and the relative position of the nozzle (inside or outside the supply port)



Odometer or engine operating hours recording equipment consists of an electronic device that is connected either to the vehicle's electronic instruments (if any), to the pulse output of the gearbox, or to the gearbox cable. The above equipment records the kilometers traveled or the operating hours of the vehicle. This ensures that even in the event of a malfunction, sabotage or replacement of the vehicle's instruments, the information of the kilometers traveled or operating hours will remain intact. During the initial installation, the equipment is programmed with a special device with the kilometers traveled so far or the operating hours of the vehicle engine. In case of power failure the data is not deleted.

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