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Temperature Recording

The Telenoisis software, is certified according to EN12830 standards and can be used as an accurate temperature monitoring and recording system at no extra cost.


Certified Temperature Recorder according to EN12830

Telenoisis' certified temperature recording system, is an advanced technology, designed for the safe transport of special cargoes in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as certain chemical products.


The temperature sensors and the software, are certified according to the European standard EN 12830. The system sensors are placed where the temperature measurement and control is required. The unit sends the measurements automatically every 1 minute.


The technology allows you to record, store and print all temperature measurements for each compartment of the chamber.


Temperature data is displayed on your Telenoisis platform in real time without the need for a USB stick.

Record Temperatures in

Truck Refrigerators

The EN12830 certified temperature recording system Telenoisis of Navigate Telematics provides you with the ability to automatically measure and record the temperatures of the cold rooms. Temperature data is displayed in real time in the system and is directly accessible from any computer or smart mobile device with the ability to receive notifications by email and sms in case of deviation of the desired temperature for each compartment.

In case the room temperatures differ on each route, it is possible to enter the desired temperature for each compartment.



Data on a Touch Pad

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

Navigate Telematics' certified Telenoisis system is specifically designed for tasks that require strict monitoring and control of the transport of cold chain products, pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies, allowing load quality control and immediate cost reduction in cases where product integrity is affected by sudden temperature fluctuations.


The system is user friendly and the fleet controller is informed by receiving notifications for temperature changes and deviations from the desired temperatures at the start of the route in order to prevent damage to the cargo. The system ensures strict transport standards of the products that guarantee the safety of the cargo.

Temperature printing

Navigate Telematics' certified Telenoisis system offers access to temperature reporting with the option to print your data.


Default Temperature Deviation Notice

The Telenoisis system allows the temperature of each compartment to be preset at the start of the route and notifies you in case of deviation from the preset temperature by e-mail, sms or audible alarm.

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