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The Telenoisis platform, enables you through notifications on your mobile phone or in your mail, to be always informed about important dates concerning the maintenance of your vehicles, such as the date of change of oil, tyres, insurance renewal, MOT etc.

Entering Keys

Maintenance History

The Telenoisis platform by Navigate Telematics, register electronically all the important dates for the correct maintenance of your company vehicles, e.g. oil change, tyre control, MOT, insurance premium etc. This way you have historical maintenance records for your vehicles and the ability to create alerts / updates for the next maintenance and much more.

Automatic Date Update

The fleet controller gets automatically informed about the next maintenance dates for each vehicle, based on the distance traveled, the end of a predetermined timeframe, a combination of both or the operating time of the vehicle engine.



The fleet controller, can be automatically notified, when the next oil change is due, by setting a time alert e.g. six months from the previous oil change or a mileage trigger e.g. 10,000 miles or whichever comes first. 


Oil change

The platform, offers the option to register the type of oil, the details of the technician who performed the work, the cost and much more.

Tyre inspection

The platform, offers updates on the next tyre check for each vehicle and the ability to register the type of tyres, the details of the technician who performed the work, the cost and much more.



The Telenoisis platform, offers automatic notifications on the next MOT inspection for each vehicle. The system gives you the possibility to register the MOT venue, the cost and much more.

Insurance Premium

The Telenoisis platform, is able to automatically calculate based on your input,  the payment for the next insurance premium for each vehicle. The system gives you the opportunity to register the details of the insurance company, the insurance coverage, the cost and much more.


Other Tasks

The Telenoisis platform, offers notifications for any other important events based on default criteria such as e.g. refrigeration service, valves, service at 15,000 miles and much more. 

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