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The Telenoisis solution for Containers, is suitable for all types of containers and lets you know exactly where each of your containers is located.

Enable your customers to track in real time the exact location and course of their goods in the containers.


The special tracking unit has a battery with a long life and the ability to remotely activate and manage. Placed in any type of container such as container for ships and other transport. It is a high technology product with innovative applications.

You will know the exact location of each container on your computer from wherever you are. In case of violation or removal of the unit you will have a real-time special notice.


The Telenoisis ContainerSecure system is specially designed to provide flexible container load monitoring and control and information if anyone tries to open or break container doors.

The Telenoisis ContainerSecure system is based on a standalone tracking device that, together with the lock, can be easily installed and removed by authorized users. In the event of a breach, you will be notified of an unauthorized removal of the system.

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