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Solutions for Rent a Car & Car Leasing


Rent a Car companies have been "hit" many times by tenants who do not pay on time, do not return the vehicles on time or return them to the wrong place.

The Telenoisis Car Rent application is the most reliable and specialized system for car rental companies. It is used by many rental companies to increase the level of service and reduce the risk factors and operating costs of the fleet.

The system fully meets the requirements of all RentAcar companies that offer car rental services regardless of their size.

With the Telenoisis Car Rent application, your business now has real control over the entire fleet of rental vehicles and you know in real time.


  • The exact time the customer received the vehicle (date, time and exact address)

  • Automatic control of the position of the vehicle and recording of its duration of use

  • The exact location to which the customer delivered the vehicle

  • Automatic recording and processing of vehicle kilometers

  • Reduction of vehicle fuel and maintenance costs

  • B optimizing vehicle performance for faster and more efficient customer service

  • Extension of the life of the fleet with automatic update for the maintenance of each vehicle


  • Recovery of the vehicle in case of theft

  • Customer Support Department

  • Immediate information in case the vehicle leaves the country or outside predetermined geographical limits

  • Immediate update of available vehicles

  • The direct and simultaneous coordination of renting hundreds of vehicles

  • The possibility of application in any model or brand of car

  • The ability to configure to record data according to the requirements of each company.

  • The Telenoisis Car Rental system can be easily applied to public, corporate and commercial vehicle fleets.

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